Specific SAFE Encasement Systems do fully comply with the following ASTM Test Standards and have earned the Federal, State and City approvals listed below. For more detailed information on what systems were tested, or to request digital or hard copies of test reports, please Contact us.

Technical Data

ASTM E-1795-97, “Standard Specification for Non-Reinforced Liquid Coating Encapsulation Products for Leaded Paint in Buildings”

ASTM E-84-99, Surface Burning Characteristics, Class I, Flame Spread Index =10, Smoke Developed Index = 15, (this is equal to Class A in NFPA 255, ANSI/UL #723, AND UBC 8-1).

ASTM E-119-98, Fire Test of encased fireproofing on steel columns, (3-hour test firing demonstrates there was no negative effect on encased fireproofing performance).

ASTM E-1494-92, Fire Test of encased fireproofing on a steel deck, (2-hour test firing demonstrated there was no negative effect on encased fireproofing performance).

Passed University of Pittsburgh Combustion Toxicological Testing Protocol,
(no acute lethality of thermal decomposition products).

ASTM E-162-98, Surface Flammability with Radiant Energy Source, (a DOT Standard) (Fs x Q=Is) Fs = 1.29 Q=1.77, Is = 2.31

ASTM E-736-93, Passed Cohesion/Adhesion Testing over Fire Proofing.

*ASTM D-3359, Pull-off Adhesion (exceeds standards).

*ASTM D-4214, Chalking (encasement surface does not chalk).

*ASTM D-4060, Dry Abrasion Resistance (exceeds test standards).

*ASTM D-522, Flexibility (remains flexible over time does not become brittle and crack).

*ASTM D-2794, Impact Resistance (160+in.lbs. – exceeds testing standard).

*ASTM D-3273, D-3274, Mildew Resistance (passed).

*ASTM D-3359, Paint-ability (passed, can be over painted).

*ASTM D-2486, Scrub Resistance (exceeded 1200+ cycles test limit).

*ASTM D-2370, Tensile Properties of Encasement System (245 psi).

*ASTM D-3960, Zero VOC’s (below 25 ppm detection limit for specified test method).

*ASTM D-1653, Permeability (0.6 perms), water vapor can pass through the multi-layered protective membrane formed through the encasement process (“lets the building breathe”).

*ASTM D-1308, Household Chemical & Water Resistance (exceeded the standards on all tests).

*ASTM G-53, Weathering/Aging (1,000 hours) – no chalking, cracking or peeling.

Note: *Denotes From ASTM E-1795-97 the National Standard for Encapsulation Products.


Approvals, Acceptances, Listings & Additional ASTM Tests

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Approved (Report # DL-12571-A).

Approved in the States of MA, NY, MN, CO, CA, OH and CT
(interior and exterior protocol in CT).

Approved by the City of Los Angeles, CA.

UL Listed Surface (file # R16588).

Listed with the CA Fire Marshall’s Office.

Approved and Listed by the City of New York, MEA# 301-00-M.

Other approvals or acceptances include; DOD, US Army Corps of Engineers, NEHC and the US Department of Agriculture (US Forestry).

ASTM B-117 Salt Fog Chamber (no blistering or rusting after 1,500 hours of exposure).

ASTM D-4585 Humidity Chamber (no blistering or rusting after 1,400 hours of exposure).

Federal Standard TT-C-555B – Wind Blown Rain Test.

DL Labs Pull-Off Strength Report


All of the above ASTM tests were performed by DL Labs (DLL is Accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program – Lab Code 1002523) and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory by National Evaluation Service, Inc., Report numbers NER-TL351 and NER-QA409).