Lead Abatement

Lead Based Paint (LBP) Abatement Solutions Making Painted Surfaces Lead-SAFE in Apartments, Homes, Schools and Office Buildings.


Concerns about Indoor Air Quality in pre-1973 buildings have been increasing since the public became aware that exposure to lead based paints can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including death.

SAFE Encasement Systems provides products for lead abatement that are safe to use in homes, schools, office buildings, and other areas where lead based paint concerns exist. Our encasement systems are water-based, non-toxic, cost-effective solutions that address the Indoor Air Quality issues building owners and managers face today.

Getting Started – Read basic facts about how Encasement is a highly effective, low cost and time efficient hazardous surface abatement method that solves a multitude of Indoor Air Quality issues

Press Release – SAFE Encasement Systems provides building owners with Lead Paint Abatement Systems from 60 Cents per Square Foot.

Advantages of Encasement for Lead Abatement:

  1. SAFE Encasement products contain “low or zero VOC’s” and require minimal surface preparation. Little or no disturbance of lead-containing materials. SES materials adhere tenaciously, adding flexible strength and a protective barrier that encloses and isolates the hazardous surfaces.
  2. Abatement by encasement typically costs 50 to 80% less than the cost of lead paint removal and replacement.
  3. Worker training is greatly reduced because encasement coating products are non-toxic, easy to apply and safe to use. Clean-up is with water, the finish coat can be supplied in virtually any color, and all encased surfaces can be over-painted with quality water-based paints.
  4. Installing a SAFE Encasement system without disturbing hazardous fibers and dust results in cleaner Indoor Air Quality and a healthier working or living environment.
  5. Passes ASTM E-1795-97, “Standard Specification for Non-Reinforced Liquid Coating Encapsulation Products for Leaded Paint in Buildings”.
  6. A finished encasement system adds significant value to the property being abated, as encasement adds weatherization qualities that meet Federal Weatherization Standards (passed Federal Spec TT-C-555B Wind-Driven-Rain Tests).
  7. Class A Materials (ASTM E-84), low smoke and flame spread.
  9. Encasement System is a water vapor and radon retarder.
  10. Limited Warranty on systems are available for up to 20 years.