Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control Coating Solutions for Homes, Schools and Office Buildings; and Marine Systems for Corrosion Control on Non-Submersible Applications.


SAFE Encasement Systems provides products for corrosion control that are safe to use in homes, schools, office buildings. Our Marine Systems are for non-
submersible applications, including ventilation ducts, floors and high-temperature areas. All of our encasement systems are water-based, non-toxic, cost-effective solutions that address the corrosion control issues people face today.

Advantages of Encasement for Corrosion Control

  1. AFFORDABLE – low-cost Corrosion-Protection-System for metal surfaces that provides a maximum of long-term corrosion protection (passed ASTM B-117, Salt Fog Chamber; ASTM D-4585, Humidity Chamber, ASTM D-2486, Scrub and Chemical Resistant, Federal Weatherization Standard including Wind Driven Rain Tests).
  2. EFFECTIVE – the Encasement Process starts with the removal of the soluble-salts that are known to cause corrosion on metals. Use SE-C*R Concentrated Soluble Salt Remover, surfaces can be pressure-washed (2% solution) or hand washed (4% solution), NO NOT RINSE. When dry, apply SE-110-CI (Primer with Corrosion Inhibitors) and follow with Protective-Skin Topcoat.
  3. EFFICIENT – the surface preparation steps for encasement does not require removal of 100% of the rust (See Installation Instructions for Metal Surfaces).
  4. SAFER – the SAFE Encasement products SE-110-CI, SE-120, SE-130, or SE-160 are low-to-zero VOC materials, and do not contain pesticides or toxic materials that require EPA Registration.
  5. VERSATILE – SAFE Encasement Systems are suitable for use inside of HVAC systems and on most interior and exterior surfaces (non-submersible). They are approved for application over lead-paint or asbestos containing materials. They are mold and mildew resistant (passes ASTM D-3273/D-3274) without any EPA Registered pesticides, thereby avoiding risks of possible allergic reactions to pesticide fumes that escape into the indoor environment and living spaces. Applicators do not need to be certified/registered/licensed pesticide applicators and when used in schools, parental notification is not required. SAME COATING SYSTEM FOR CORROSION PROTECTION AND MOST SURFACE HAZARDS.
  6. PROVEN – SAFE Encasement Systems are Class A fire-rated materials (ASTM E-84), with low smoke emissions and low flame spread. (See Technical Specifications for a listing of ASTM Tests and Approvals.)
  7. LONG LASTING – systems have superior adhesion on all kinds of surfaces with minimal surface preparation (See ASTM Test Reports).
  8. WARRANTED – Limited Warranty is available for up to 25 years.