Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Containing Materials Abatement Solutions that prevent fiber release from hazardous surfaces in Apartments, Homes, Schools and Office Buildings.




SAFE Encasement Systems provides products for asbestos abatement that are safe to use in homes, schools, office buildings, and other areas where Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) concerns exist. Our encasement systems are water-based, non-toxic, cost-effective solutions that address the Indoor Air Quality issues building owners and managers face today.

Advantages of Encasement for Asbestos Abatement

  1. Significantly Reduces Downtime Expenses: Encasement of asbestos is typically completed in 10 to 30% of the time needed for removal, replacement and drying of new fireproofing insulation, thereby minimizing downtime, relocation expenses and avoiding costly shut down expenses for owners of buildings or operating facilities. Significant savings in time and associated expenses are also realized when abating an asbestos exposure by encasement or using encasement during mold remediation actions.
  2. Safer to Use: SAFE Encasement’s water-based, non-toxic products contain “low or zero VOC’s” and require minimal surface preparation. Little or no disturbance of fibers (asbestos or fiber-glass materials). SAFE Encasement materials adhere tenaciously, adding long-lasting flexible strength and a protective barrier that encloses and isolates the hazardous surfaces. SAFE Encasement products do not contain heavy metals, pesticides or other toxic materials that require EPA Registration. (See Technical Specifications for a listing of ASTM Tests and Approvals).
  3. Highly Cost Effective and Affordable: Remediation or abatement of asbestos by encasement typically costs 50 to 80% less than the cost of asbestos removal and replacement.
  4. Reliability and Protection: Encasement coatings can be applied directly over asbestos containing surfaces, as encasement first stabilizes and seals the materials “in-place”, encasing (enclosing) without disturbing these dangerous materials. Properly encased asbestos is highly seismic resistant and highly effective at reducing contamination or human exposure during or after these events.
  5. Lower Disposal Costs and Lower Liability: One of the ongoing problems with removal and disposal methods is that the owner is always liable for the toxic materials regardless of where and how they are disposed of. A properly applied SAFE Encasement System can eliminate the owner’s “cradle to grave” liability by encasing these hazardous materials in-place behind a seamless, flexible, durable protective jacket. Additional examples of hazards where encasement has been successfully used are lead-paint, arsenic, mercury, PCB’s, and damaged fiberglass.
  6. Suitable for Many Surfaces: Wood, plaster, cementitious, and metal surfaces containing asbestos fibers are safely stabilized, sealed and preserved without adversely affecting the fireproof rating of the materials being encased. Suitable for exterior or interior walls, ceilings or Transite siding including with cracked and flaking, peeling paint. When encased, surfaces are refurbished and refinished, restoring appearance and esthetics to historical surfaces and structures.
  7. Adds Weatherization, Insulation and Sound Abatement Qualities: A finished encasement system adds significant value to the property being abated. Encasement adds weatherization qualities that meet Federal Weatherization Standards (passed Federal Spec TT-C-555B Wind-Driven-Rain Tests). A properly installed encasement coating system creates a water vapor retarder film with a perm at 0.6. Encasement also reduces sound migration while preserving or enhancing thermal insulation properties, as UV is reflected.
  8. Safe to Use and Easy to Apply: Worker training is greatly reduced because encasement coating products are water-based, non-toxic, easy to apply and safe to use. Clean-up is with water, the Protective-Skin finish coat can be supplied in virtually any color to match plant safety color codes.
  9. Lower Job-Site Liability: Installing a SAFE Encasement system without disturbing hazardous fibers and dust results in less contamination, leaving a cleaner surface and a healthier working or living environment.
  10. Mold Protection: Encasement also reduces the removal and replacement costs for contaminated building materials during mold remediation, by encasing physically sound building materials that otherwise would need to be removed and replaced.
  11. Limited Warranty: All properly applied SAFE Encasement products can be covered by a 5, 10, 20 or 25-year limited warranty.