Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Single Coat Solution for Lead-Based Paint and Mold Remediation

SAFE Encasement Systems (SES) is pleased to announce that we now offer a single coat solution for Lead-Based Paint and/or Mold Remediation (interior surfaces). SE-130 Protective-Skin single coat material has passed ASTM E-1795 testing, the “Standard Specification for Non-Reinforced Liquid Coating Encapsulation Products for Leaded Paint in Buildings.”

SE-130 also passed ASTM D-3273 / D-3274 the standard for Mold and Mildew Resistance, and did so without the addition of any EPA Registered Pesticides. There’s no need for pesticide licensing of applicators or parent notification for school application of pesticide containing products. SE-130 Protective-Skin is a water-based, non-toxic, low VOC coating material (satin finish) that’s selfpriming, safe and easy to use (clean-up is with water), making it a material that’s safe to use on all interior surfaces. Where there’s surface preparation issues or on exterior surfaces, SE-130 can also be used with any of our SE-110 primers to minimize surface preparation costs.

Safe Encasement Systems offers a complete line of environmentally-friendly products that effectively abates Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns including health and safety issues such as: mold and mildew, fiber-release (fiber-glass or asbestos), lead-based paint and various other hazardous surfaces. Painting skills are required to properly install encasement materials, visit our website to read or download Installation Instructions.

SES is a leading manufacturer of protective coating systems that solve health and safety issues without causing other environmental or health concerns. SES is committed to providing our clients with proven, state-of-the-art solutions for safe, effective and affordable abatement of hazardous surfaces. SES has provided environmentally safe encasement systems to homes, schools, hospitals, historic buildings, government and military facilities, commercial and industrial sites. These products are available to clients throughout the USA, Canada, EU and Australia.

In recent years, more and more people have come to realize that the quality of the air we breathe can largely determine our personal health and well-being. There have been many examples of materials being used in the construction of homes and buildings that, over time, have proven to be a threat to our personal health and safety as well as to our environment. Our Company’s goal is to help solve today’s environmental concerns in a safe, cost effective, ethical and affordable way, and do so without creating any new environmental challenges.

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