Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

SES Offers Lead Based Paint (LBP) Abatement Systems from 60 Cents per Square Foot

SAFE Encasement Systems (SES) provides exceptional abatement solutions through our custom designed protective-coating systems that seal and encase (enclose) hazardous surfaces, helping make our environments a safer and healthier place to live and work. Our Environmentally Safe Encasement Systems help to effectively resolve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns including health and safety issues such as: mold and mildew, corrosion, fiber-release (fiber-glass or asbestos), lead-based paint and various other hazardous surfaces.

Encasement Systems (materials only) cost from 60 cents per square foot to $1.00 per square foot. Installation costs are also lower with SES, as the primer (SE-110) reduces or eliminates surface preparation and help prevent release of hazardous dusts. Painting skills are required to properly install encasement materials, visit our website to read or download Installation Instructions at www.safeencasement.com.

SES is a leading manufacturer of protective coating systems that help solve health and safety issues without causing other concerns. SES is committed to providing our clients with proven, 20-Year Warranted state-of-the-art solutions for safe, effective and affordable abatement of hazardous surfaces. SES has provided environmentally safe encasement systems to homes, schools, hospitals, historic buildings, government and military facilities, commercial and industrial sites throughout the USA and Canada.

In recent years, more and more people have come to realize that the quality of the air we breathe can largely determine our personal health and well-being. There have been many examples of materials being used in the construction of pre-1978 homes and buildings that, over time, have proven to be a threat to our personal health and safety, as well as to our environment. “Our Company’s goal is to help solve today’s environmental concerns in a safe, cost effective, ethical and affordable way, and do so without creating any new environmental challenges.”

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