MS = multiple substrate

SE-110-MS used in conjunction with SE-120 forms our Lead-Safe and flexible protective Encasement System for Asbestos, Lead-Paint, Mold & Rusting Surfaces.

SE-110-MS Penetrating-Stabilizer – Multi-Surface Primer plus Encapsulant with Corrosion and Mold Inhibitors.
A safe-to-use, water-based, Low VOC compliant, non-toxic primer plus encapsulant that penetrates, stabilizes and seals hazardous surfaces including damaged painted surfaces, friable fibrous insulation materials, prevents rusting surfaces and can be used over treated mold surfaces. Suitable where excellent adhesion is required on interior or exterior surfaces including walls, eaves, ceilings, old or new wood, window sills, air ducts, pipe insulation, asbestos fireproofing, fiberglass insulation, Transite, plaster and concrete.
Technical Data Sheet   Safety Data Sheet

SE-120 Protective-Skin
A water-based, nontoxic 0 VOC, high-solids, 100% acrylic coating solution that remains flexible, will not crack, chip or peel, mold-resistant and fire-resistant.
Suitable for application directly or over SE-110-MS primer on lead-paint, asbestos or treated mold surfaces.
Technical Data Sheet   Safety Data Sheet

SE-310 Topcoat
A satin-finish topcoat that is used for added protection from airborne dirt on selected surfaces.
Suitable for interior or exterior service.

SE-Industrial Cleaner
A concentrated, non-corrosive, water-soluble bio-degradable cleaner that's used to wet-clean and prepare surfaces.