Case Histories


The trusses in the gymnasium were covered with extensive loose flaking paint, were to be repainted as part of a major renovation project. Although Lead-Based Paint (LBP) was not involved in this case, extensive surface preparation (removal) would have been required if a conventional paint had been used to re-paint these trusses.


Only the really loose, flaking paint was removed prior to spray applying SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer). The SE-110 penetrates the existing paint, re-adhering any remaining loose and flaking paint, and renders it non-friable. Not only is outstanding adhesion achieved on all surfaces, but also the penetration ability of the primer into difficult spaces between back-to-back angles allows the primer to stabilize the loose paint in those spaces. The primer is next over-coated with SE-120 topcoat, which is spray applied over the primed surfaces. The “shrink-wrap” effect of this encasement system around the truss members provides additional assurance that the coating system will remain in place for many years.