Case Histories


The fiberglass insulation inside of some air supply ducts had gotten dirty from years of service. In order to maintain high Indoor Air Quality for its members and visitors, the Church of Scientology has a policy of not allowing exposed fiberglass inside of their buildings. Estimated cost to replace the ducts was higher than expected exceeding the budget. Also down time on the building ventilation system was a major concern.


First step was to cut openings along the length of ducts. The opening had to be sized and spaced to allow access for cleaning and application of the encasement system. Next the inside of the ducts were cleaned and vacuumed to remove all dirt and debris. Following cleaning, the SE-110 primer was applied onto all of the duct interior surfaces. Next, repairs were made using SE-PF polyester fabric to reinforce corners and make repairs. Last, SE-120 Protective-Skin top-coat was applied to all of the interior surfaces of these ducts. This project was completed in a time efficient and cost effective manner by Rhapsody Painting & Environmental of San Francisco, POC: Joseph Ruiz.


Rooftop view of ventilation systems


Inside of fiberglass-lined duct (before)


After application of SE-110 primer