Case Histories


Badly deteriorated Lead-Based Paint (LBP) on metal and wood ornate trim at the Minneapolis Veterans Home would have required extensive time and expense to remove by any of the means usually employed for removal, such as scraping or the use of chemical strippers. Removal of the damaged paint also posed a real risk of damage to the ornate surfaces of this historic structure.


Only the really loose and flaking paint was removed using approved methods that prevented the release of any Lead-Based Paint into the environment. The wood surfaces were then coated with 16-18 wet mils of SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer) and the metal surfaces were coated with 16-18 wet mils of SE-110-CI, Corrosion Inhibiting primer. These materials stabilized the LBP and dried to form a flexible film that remains tacky. After the primers were thoroughly dry, a semi-gloss coating material made by another company was applied over the primed surfaces.