Case Histories


Drain pans in the air handling system at the St. Paul Water Works were corroded and in need of re-coating or replacement. Previous attempts to re-coat these drain pans, which are constantly wet during approximately 6 months out of the year, had been unsuccessful.


Following pressure washing to remove dirt, damaged coating and soluble salts, SE-110-CI Penetrating-Stabilizer with Corrosion Inhibitors, was applied to prime the surface for coating. SE-110-CI penetrates into and through existing coatings, re-adhering any loose or flaking coating material, and can be applied directly over rusting surfaces. This coating dries to form a tacky, flexible film, which leads to outstanding adhesion of the topcoat. When thoroughly dry, SE-120 Protective-Skin topcoat was applied, producing a tough, flexible protective hide that provides lasting, long-term protection.

Immediately After Coated