Case Histories


Early testing of the corrosion-inhibiting primer was carried our at the American Crystal Sugar plant in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Because of the nature of the operations carried out in this plant very high humidity conditions prevail and severe rusting is prevalent throughout many areas of the plant. Three test patches were applied in the summer of 1997 on different types of surfaces. No surface preparation whatsoever was carried out other than the customary pressure-washing of the entire plant that is carried out at the conclusion of a processing season in May. One surface was a badly rusted water pipe, a second consisted of a column integral with an outside masonry wall, and the third was a free-standing column which was the only one of the three test patches were there was significant paint remaining.


After observing the performance of these test patches, the first of many projects was completed, again using SE-110-CI primer then SE-120 topcoat. Both coatings were spray applied at 15 mils wft. This environmentally friendly encasement system was installed by Swanson & Youngdale, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN.