Case Histories


Steel signal light posts in a Kansas city previously painted with lead-based paint were rusted to the point where consideration was being given to replacement, which has been the practice in the past, but which could not have been accomplished before the onset of winter.The search for alternatives led to a consideration of encasement.


A decision was made to encase the posts using SES-110-CI, the corrosion inhibited version of the Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer) and SE-120 Protective-Skin (topcoat)This system passes the relevant ASTM’s for meeting the US-EPA’s definition of abatement via encapsulation for LBP.Because of the corrosion on this metal surface, the first step involves the use of Chlor*Rid in water at 5% in a scrub to remove the soluble salts that are catalyzing the corrosion.Then the SE-110-CI is brush applied at 10 WFT, and allowed to dry to a clear appearance.Then SE-120 is brush applied also at 10 WFT, and allowed to cure.Though the 120 can be tinted to most any color, the customer chose to go over this system with a Sherwin Williams super paint in the desired color.The material costs for the SES portion of this project are in the range of $0.70/sqft, leaving an abated surface relative to the lead and future corrosion substantially eliminated.The cost of encasement was approximately half the cost of replacement and it was accomplished during the desired time frame.Associated Insulation Inc of Manhattan, KS completed this dust-free abatement project to the customer’s satisfaction.