Case Histories


The cement deck surface above a hung ceiling in a Verizon Wireless facility in Kansas City, MO had LBP in a badly peeling condition. Abatement by removal and replacement had a significant costs associated with it ($5 to $10/sq. ft.) plus concerns for overall project downtime and impacts on other project trade schedules, so another option was sought.


Accordingly, a decision was made to encase the walls using SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer) and over-coat with SE-130 Protective-Skin (Satin topcoat). First the quite loose old lead containing paint was knocked off, followed by the further surface stabilization step of spray applying the SE-110 primer. After allowing time to dry the SE-130 topcoat was then spray applied. Abatement along with a freshly painted surface was thus achieved for about $0.60/sq. ft. materials costs, plus labor. More importantly, the encasement process was achieved safely and in less than half the time removal and replacement would have required, keeping the other trades and aspects of this project on schedule. An identical project of slightly smaller scale was also completed in the St. Louis, MO sister facility to this plant one week earlier.

This environmentally-friendly encasement system project to abate the LBP was specified by WB Engineering of Woburn, MA, and was safely installed by Hartman Walsh Painting Contractors, Inc. of St. Louis, MO, a Certified Applicator of Safe Encasement Systems.