Case Histories


The paint on the exterior of a University of Minnesota building with several thousand square feet of corrugated steel siding was in badly deteriorated condition. Normal sampling for Lead-Based Paint turned up negative, but to their surprise, the paint was an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).


Surface preparation consisted of wet wiping the areas with extremely loose paint or excessive dirt. SE-110-CI Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer with Corrosion Inhibitors) was spray applied directly over the deteriorated paint at 10-12 wet mils and allowed to dry overnight. SE-110-CI penetrates this brittle surface and dries to a clear tacky flexible film. SE-120 Protective-Skin was spray applied at 10-12 wet mils. Use of this SAFE Encasement System safely mitigates the hazardous, chalky, brittle properties of the deteriorated paint.