Case Histories


The building owner had a tight schedule for accommodating the move in needs for his tenant, which included the installation of fiber optics, data lines and custom power distribution above the old lay-in ceiling. Removal and replacement of the asbestos containing fireproofing required a more extensive tear out of existing lights and walls with a costly price and lengthy schedule that did not meet the new tenant’s schedule or the owner’s budget.


The owner chose to encase the fireproofing, which only required the removal of the lay-in ceiling system. Working under full containment and with limited demolition, the contractor first spray applied SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer over all the exposed ACM. This was allowed to dry, and then the stabilized surfaces were over-coated with SE-120 Protective-Skin top-coat. Within 2 weeks of starting this abatement project, other trades were allowed to enter the finished areas to begin their work without the risk of disturbing ACM. The remodeling was completed in a timely manner and the use of encasement shortened the move-in schedule by 3 months, while saving the building owner over $500,000.00.