Myth #1 Removing and replacing lead-based paint or asbestos is the only abatement method accepted by the EPA.


Myth #2 Abatement stirs up hazardous materials contaminating the air.


Myth #3 Effective abatement measures cost an arm and a leg.


Individual Template Overrides

Gantry offers the ability to override default template configurations for individual menu items. A frequent example is to have different layout configurations for your site's front page than its subpages. Gantry makes this achievable in just a few clicks.

Configurable Preset Styles

Gantry makes use of a powerful Preset system that allows developers and site builders to create preset styles and configurations.

Dynamic Layout Panel

The Layouts panel in the Gantry-based template administration interface provides several options for configuring the layout of the template. Each modular section of the template design offers six module positions by default